Articles written by Helene.

The Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe

That film image of Ms. Monroe’s skirt rising high in a gust of air? It’s a reshoot of a discarded and more risqué scene seldom seen until now.
The New York Times

Discovering the Ruins of Italy’s Ionian Coast

As my train from Rome pulled into the station, after a six-hour descent past Vesuvius, the craggy Lucanian Dolomites, olive groves and pebbly streams, and finally the small hill towns and low, pale mountains (calanchi) of the Basilicata region, I wondered what had changed in this place since my last visit.
The New York Times

Arthur Miller’s Brooklyn

When Arthur Miller first visited his country cousins in Brooklyn in the early 1920s, Midwood was not just a neighborhood, it was a description.
The New York Times

Shows, and Renovation, Go On at Film Palace

It was a miserable night, but the line at the Loew’s theater snaked around the corner, just as it used to in the old days.
The New York Times

Back to Basilicata

Her great-great-grandmother may have been a fugitive from the carabinieri, but—as roots-tracing Helene Stapinski was happy to discover—she came from a beautiful part of Italy.

Country Refuge, Noise and All: A Love Story

Around a bend and over a small bridge and there it was: Our summer cottage, as if I had been here before in some other, more privileged life, with old money and older carpets, and was finally returning after a long trip.
The New York Times

When Parents Scream Against Ice Cream

Soft Service and Jingles Jangle Moms.
The New York Times

A Mom, A Boy, A Big Adventure

With the help of some sturdy dogs and a fast sled, I gave my son a memory to treasure.
Hallmark Magazine

For Ft. Lee, Film Moments of 100 Years

Nearly a decade ago, two Jersey guys with a love of movies started spreading the state’s best kept secret: New Jersey (don’t laugh) was the birthplace of American cinema.
The New York Times

In praise of Roman Catholic nuns: Thank those who taught the basics

The nuns who tortured you in grade school may have actually taught you something too.